You learn a lot more than football when you play under Coach Nick Saban. Coach Saban makes sure when you play at the University of Alabama, you take away more than just what he teaches you on the field.

One of his students and someone to kick off the Saban dynasty, especially on the recruiting trail, was wide receiver Julio Jones.

Jones shared the story on Saban recruiting him and telling him something different than the other coaches were. He looks the 5-star wide receiver from Foley, AL and tells him, you may not start for this team, you could be third or fourth on the depth chart and you'll have to work your way up.

A comment like that would scare most recruits away from a program, especially one that just went 7-6 for the season, but for Jones, he saw an opportunity earn every opportunity. That Saban mentality helped Jones win national championships at Alabama and also dominated the NFL level being one of the best wide receivers in the league. But now you can add dealership owner to his resume.

During the grand opening of his Kia/Mazda dealership in Tuscaloosa, Jones sat down with Ryan Fowler to discuss Saban being a father like figure to him, being one of the players that helped re-build the Alabama dynasty, why he comes back to Tuscaloosa during the off-season, and what he would tell players about deciding to play under Nick Saban.

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