Wide receiver is not a position that is traditionally taken very high in the NFL Draft. There have been exceptions: Keyshawn Johnson went 1st overall to the Jets in 1996, Calvin Johnson went 2nd to the Lions in 2007. Alabama has seen its share of receivers go early: Amari Cooper went 4th to the Raiders and Julio Jones went 6th to the Falcons. Jerry Jeudy is in a position to put his name in the conversation to go top five, if not higher, in the 2020 NFL Draft.

College Football and NFL Draft Analyst Mike Detillier agrees and he joined The Game with Ryan Fowler to discuss Jerry Jeudy's exceptionally high draft stock.

Detillier also touched on NFL holdouts and trade demands in training camp, how Raekwon Davis can improve after coming back, the greatest linebackers in SEC history, and the College Football Hall of Fame's "Northern Bias"

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