The Alabama football team ends its season on New Years Eve in the Sugar Bowl against the Kansas State Wildcats, but how many individual players have ended their respective seasons already?

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Nick Saban spoke with the media this week to preview the Sugar Bowl and the head coach talked about potential opt outs.

"We've had one situation like this and I think we had two players who didn't play in that game," said Saban. "I think the culture and dynamic of college football right now is a lot different than it's ever been before, so I think this is much more challenging to get players to understand how they can create value by playing in a bowl game."

Saban also noted that this team still has lots to prove after narrowly missing the playoffs.

"This is still a tremendous opportunity to play against a really, really good team and [we've] got a lot to prove as a team in terms of who we are and what's the legacy of this team and how they're going to be remembered."

The Alabama coaching staff will let each player make their own decision when it comes to playing or not playing in the upcoming bowl game.

"It's each guy's choice as to what they do, and they have a lot of choices now," said Saban. "Players have a lot of choices, so hopefully they'll make choices that create value for themselves and their team and their teammates. Pretty much what we're gonna encourage them to do."

Stay tuned to Tide 100.9 for news of potential opt outs before the Sugar bowl.

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