Alabama head coach Nick Saban is college football's ultimate perfectionist. He could win every game by 50 and will still point out mistakes to fix so his team can get better. During Saban's postgame conference after Alabama's 48-14 win against Mercer we may have found out where he gets his perfectionist ways from.

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When asked by one reporter, "What are some things you guys are going to work on for the Florida game to help with other than the penalties?" Saban seemed frustrated and started off by saying "these are all choices and decisions players make..... they need to make better choices and decisions."

After briefly going over examples of how they should play with intensity but under control, Saban divulged and told a story of his dad. Saban revealed that everyday during dinner, his dad smacked the table as a sign of reckoning for what you were suppose to do that day, "So if you were supposed to cut the grass, did you sweep the walk, did you trim, did you put the mower away, did you clean the mower and if you didn't do any of those things right, you were going to do it again."

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Coach Saban went on to say, "Maybe we need a little bit of this."

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