Scott Moore, of "iTalkSEC" and "The Jay Barker Show" joined Host Gary Harris to evaluate and discuss the Crimson Tide's 66-3 victory over Western Carolina before diving into the strengths and weakness of both Alabama and Auburn as the Iron Bowl looms closer.

"The cool thing about this game in the playoff era," Moore told Host Harris. "Is that this game has mattered every single year, in terms of the playoffs. It's had playoff ramifications, so in this day and age of college football this is a game that has major impact on the national championship."

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"You talk about Gus's defense and this offense," Moore discussed with Harris. "They've been in every game, but they've struggled too. Alabama has scored 35 points in every game, and in every win defeated the opponent by 19 points. They've dominated every opponent they've played, and it hasn't been easy.

You can listen to Gary's full conversation with Scott Moore as they recap Alabama's 66-3 win over Western Carolina and discuss the strengths and weakness of both Alabama and Auburn with the Iron Bowl fast approaching

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