Alabama Football is fast approaching and soon all the preseason talk will soon subside with everything settled on the gridiron. Ryan Fowler recently welcomed ESPN analyst Rece Davis to The Game to talk the upcoming college football season.

While talking about the AP Poll, Davis brought up who he voted No. 1 in the poll:

"Full disclosure, I have Oklahoma Number 1 in the preseason but that has to do with this simple fact I think Oklahoma has improved dramatically on defense...among the teams that you would deem having good enough rosters to contend for that number one spot in the preseason only one has a truly proven quarterback and that's Oklahoma..."

As for Alabama, Davis said they'll still as good as they always are:

"...But I think that there's no question that Alabama has enough talent, depth, and new talent just eager for their opportunity to shine that they certainly win the SEC, go to the playoff and win the playoff again..."

Talking about Nick Saban's unbelievable success in the AP poll after he arrived, Davis also expressed his belief:

"Whenever you say what I am about to say, it's sounds like your to mention someone else...but he's the greatest college coach of all time, and he's one of the greatest coaches in any sport of all's not just measuring championships it's really sustaining excellence year in and year out..."

The recent addition of Texas and Oklahoma to the SEC also surprised Davis:

"My initial reaction was like everyone else, I think I was a little surprised by it...I knew there would be realignment at some point didn't really expect it this quickly and didn't know that would be the path it would take...I understand it..."

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