The quarterback battle has got more interesting in the spring with Tua Tagovailoa's hand injury, but now the news is surrounding Jalen Hurts.

According to an article written by Matt Hayes of the Bleacher Report, Jalen Hurts dad Averion Hurts told Hayes that if Jalen doesn't get the starting job at Alabama, he could possibly transfer to another school.

"I told Jalen, you f--ked up, you opened the door and put yourself in this situation," his father told Bleacher Report. "Now it's up to you to dig yourself out."

All he has ever wanted to do was play quarterback,he's not a tight end or an H-back or anything else. He's a quarterback."

Listeners of The Game with Ryan Fowler called in the show to weigh in on the discussion of Hurts potentially transferring if he doesn't get the starting job in the upcoming season.

According to his father in the article, he knows Nick Saban has a job to do in this quarterback competition, however he is looking out for the best interest of his son, and believes if he does decide to transfer, he could be the biggest free agent in college football history.

Do you think Jalen Hurts will transfer or will he stay at Alabama? Listen to Ryan Fowler's and the listeners reactions to the rumors at the top of the article.

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