Nick Saban joined The Dan Patrick Show, and the topic of the 49ers drafting Mac Jones of course came up. The buzz around the NFL recently was that the San Francisco 49ers' Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch wanted Alabama quarterback Mac Jones after trading up to the 3rd pick in the draft. However, Saban states that he did not get asked about Jones by the 49ers at Alabama's pro day.

"Shanahan did not ask me a thing." Saban reiterated to Dan Patrick, but he did say that it could have been because the 49ers did not want to break any NFL rules. There could be rules that they are not allowed to talk to the coaches of the players having the pro day once it starts. Saban did say he did talk to coaches like Bill Belichick before the pro day started.

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"I think people got interested in the way he played last year. He did a phenomenal job." The talent surrounding Jones was acknowledged by Saban, but he was quick to state that Jones did more than enough to be an efficient quarterback despite having immense talent around him.

Jones was not even thought of as a top 10 pick in this year's draft until about a month ago. The hype around Jones being top 5 even has picked up now that the 49ers have been mentioned in rumors that they love Jones. The rumors are that Kyle Shanahan sees Jones as a Matt Ryan and Kirk Cousins style prospect. Shanahan made both Cousins and Ryan top 10 quarterbacks during his time with them.

There may be nothing to the 49ers not asking about Jones at his pro day, but it is for sure worth noting considering his recent buzz.

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