That Alabama football team that lost in week two to Texas? Gone.

“We won 10 or 11 games in a row and beat the No. 1 team in the country, so we’re not the Sunday after learning the Tide's positive fate in the CFP.. “We were kind of in a transition at the quarterback position, it was unsettling. I think it affected our team, although Texas has a great team and I think deserved every opportunity in terms of their resume and getting in the game.

“This is just one of those years where — and there’s been a few -- where Florida State, certainly going undefeated, did everything they could to get in the playoffs and unfortunately, probably because of the injury to their quarterback, are not going to have that opportunity.”

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"Our team is very excited about having the opportunity to play the No. 1 team in the country in the University of Michigan,” Saban said. “They’ve had a very, very successful season, Big Ten champs. I’d like to congratulate them on that. And we’re going to look forward to the challenge that we have ahead in terms of what we have to do to prepare and be the best that we can be to play against the No. 1 team in the country.”

In other college football news, the  Transfer Portal opens Monday. Could it sway some both coming and going that Bama made the CFP?


There’s probably a lot of differences,” said Saban. “I don’t think players look at playing in a bowl with the same significance they look at playing in the playoffs, so that in and of itself makes it a little bit different. But I told players today in the meeting that, ‘Some of you have issues about transition in terms of your future. You don’t have to do it in a vacuum. We’re here to help you. Come talk to us about it.’

"So that – whether it’s guys going out early for the draft, our seniors, leadership group on the team – guys in transition have the opportunity to visit about what they want to do in the future,” Saban said. “We’re hopeful that all of our players will want to stay on our team and contribute to the preparation and success that we have in the opportunity to have playing the best team in the country.”

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