The Alabama Crimson Tide has three games with over 50 points, a conference record, which leaves the question for the remanding teams on the schedule how do you stop the Crimson Tide's offense.

Scouting expert Chris Landry, who has worked with Saban in the NFL, joined The Game with Ryan Fowler to recaps Alabama secondary against Ole Miss, previews Alabama/Texas A&M, Kellen Mond against Alabama's defense, and how will teams try to slow down Alabama's offense.

Here's what Chris Landry broke down during his weekly report:

  • Thoughts on the match up between Alabama/Texas A&M
  • Alabama's secondary against Ole Miss receivers last week
  • Texas A&M offense vs Alabama's defense
  • Breaks down linebacker Mack Wilson and running back Josh Jacon
  • How to defend Alabama's offense?
  • What approach will Jimbo Fisher take on offense?

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