You don't win the amount of games and win the national championships Nick Saban has throughout the years with out preparation.

After a loss, Saban has been one of the best coaches in college football at bouncing back from mistakes on the field and has regrouped his team back into the College Football Playoffs.

According to scouting expert Chris Landry, who has worked with Saban in the NFL, said he thinks Saban has been one of the best coaches in college football at breaking down film and dissecting a team before playing them.

Landry joined The Game with Ryan Fowler to discuss Saban's preparation, Alabama having some keeping their eyes on Georgia/Oklahoma, and Alabama's run game. Here's what else Chris Landry broke down on his Report:

  • Previews Alabama/Clemson
  • What Alabama’s game plan on offense against Clemson
  • Saban being one of the best at film breakdown and self-scout
  • Using this extra time to prep for Clemson and also have extra eyes on Georgia and Oklahoma
  • Has Alabama ran the football enough?
  • Is Clemson the best defense Alabama will face all year

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