According to ESPN’s Jeff Passan, the MLB has reported a total of 29 positive COVID-19 samples between players and coaches through Thursday, July 30. On Friday morning, two more players tested positive from the St. Louis Cardinals.

As of Friday evening, 19 games have been canceled due to the outbreak of COVID-19. Teams that have lost games due to positive tests or teams who’s opponents couldn’t play due to the virus include: the Baltimore Orioles, Chicago Cubs, Chicago White Sox, Cincinnati Reds, Cleveland Indians, Miami Marlins, Milwaukee Brewers, New York Yankees, Philadelphia Phillies, St. Louis Cardinals, Toronto Blue Jays, and Washington Nationals.

Yes, each one of the teams previously listed has either postponed or rescheduled at least one of their regular season games due to the spread of COVID-19 throughout the league — over a third of Major League Baseball’s 30 teams.

At the outset of the 2020 MLB season, each team was scheduled to play a total of 60 games in the span of 66 days.

MLB, MLBPA Announce New Labor Agreement
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When could the postponed games be played? At this point, the Miami Marlins have had to postpone a total of seven outings. This means that even if all of their players are able to recover quickly, the Marlins would be required to add at least three separate days of double-headers during what was supposed to be their off day.

Given the amount of lost games, it would almost be unfair if the MLB playoffs weren’t structured by winning percentage (contingent that each team play a minimum of around 50 games).

Considering the current mishandling of COIVD-19 protocols between all 30 rosters, it would be irresponsible to allow the continuation of games.

In an article released by ESPN’s Jeff Passan on Friday, the senior baseball writer reported that the MLB’s commissioner, Rob Manfred, told the head of the MLBPA, “If the sport doesn't do a better job of managing the coronavirus, it could shut down for the season.”

For once, I agree with Manfred. Look folks, I love baseball — In fact, I would call it my favorite sport. Over the past two months of my time here at Tide 100.9, around 40% of my articles have been centered on this very sport that I love. However, forcing some of my favorite athletes on the planet to play a game during a global pandemic while their employer is greatly mishandling its own safety protocols, is unfair and selfish.

I want to see the season play out. I want to feel the excitement of another World Series. But at this point, I also want the world-class athletes who entertain us night-in and night-out to be safe and healthy.

Yes, the MLB should cancel their 2020 season.

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