Former Auburn football coach and current Republican Senate candidate Tommy Tuberville joined The Game with Ryan Fowler at 3:00 p.m. today to discuss his candidacy, the upcoming runoff with Jeff Sessions and the possibility of football season occurring.

You can listen to the entire interview on Soundcloud or on the Tide 100.9 Youtube Page.

Tuberville expressed hope that there would be a football season this year and spoke about how important it is to the state of Alabama and the local communities throughout the nation.

He said the nation faces a lot of problems at the moment and led off speaking about increasing respect for our law enforcement and creating more jobs.

"The majority of the year and a half I've been campaigning Ryan, they've talked about jobs. More jobs, we have to get more manufacturing in the state. President Trump told me, 'Coach I don't know where it's going but in the next four, five or six years we're going to have more manufacturing coming back to this country from foreign nations if Alabama's going to get it, you've got to put your best foot forward.'  So that's one of the things that gives me a leg up because I know all the CEOs all over the country and what better to sell this state than a football coach who has been here many years? But it's all about jobs," said Tuberville.

Tuberville spoke about the importance of the upcoming presidential election and how important it is because the nation's middle class is in danger.

"I'm going to run and I'm going to vote the heck the way we oughta vote and vote for the people of Alabama. And again it's going to be crucial, crucial that we get President Trump re-elected and give him some help from the Senate. I promise you, leadership from a coach, we understand how to make decisions and how to be loyal to people and that's the number one thing I want to do," said Tuberville.

Fowler asked what Tuberville can do to unify the people of this state and he responded by saying communication is the most important thing.

"What we have to do, is start talking. You can't sell anybody on anything unless you communicate. The biggest about communicating is not about talking yourself it's about listening to other people. I don't think we listen enough," said Tuberville.

The former Auburn coach said he would not be taking a salary if he wins the election and instead will donate it to the veterans of the state of Alabama.

Tuberville spoke about his passion to defend the second amendment and his fear that the politicians on the left will want to take firearms from the nation to prevent the people to fight back and defend themselves.

Make sure you listen to the entire interview prior to the runoff election on Tuesday. It can be found on Soudcloud and Youtube. Listen to The Game each weekday from 2-6 p.m. on Tide 100.9 FM or stream it on the free Tide1009app.

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