Tuesday night, Lucas Giolito threw the first no-hitter of the 2020 MLB season. The California native became the 19th Chicago White Sox pitcher in the team’s history to complete the feat, pitching all nine innings. Giolito finished the game with 13 total strikeouts and only one man that was put on base due to a walk. This 4-0 victory over the Pittsburgh Pirates earned the White Sox their 18th win of the season.

White Sox catcher James McCann shared a collection of pictures on Twitter celebrating the pitcher’s success. "There are no words to describe tonight," he wrote. "A childhood dream coming true."

Giolito has been on the White Sox since 2017 but really started gaining notability in 2019 when he was selected to be on the American League All-Star team. Over his five-year career, Giolito averages a W.A.R. of 6.5. W.A.R. (Wins Above Replacement) calculates the number of wins that a player adds to the team, so this means that Giolito gains Chicago at least six wins a year. The 26-year-old also averages an E.R.A. (Earned Runs Allowed) of 4.46 over his career (3.09 in 2020.)

The White Sox currently sit at third in the AL Central division with an 18-12 record. Though they are currently 1.5 games behind the Minnesota Twins, they are still predicted to at least make the playoffs with a wild card spot.

This 2020 MLB season has been a mixed bag for pitching. While pitchers are accomplishing feats like Giolito’s no-hitter, the storylines surrounding MLB pitchers have focused on season-ending injuries.

From Boston’s Chris Sale and his left elbow injury that will require ‘Tommy John’ surgery to Atlanta’s Mike Soroka and his torn Achilles tendon, injuries are sweeping across the MLB’s bullpens and changing the landscape of baseball.

With his first career no-hitter under his belt now, Giolito has the potential to make a name for himself as a shutdown pitcher in a shortened season where every game matters.

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