Alabama was down in the game and in need of a stop.

The Crimson Tide had just scored to cut the lead to 33-27, but Auburn had already scored on seven of its first nine possessions and was driving again. For a moment, it looked like Alabama was going to get the Tigers’ high-octane offense off the field until a controversial ruling went the other way.

On Monday, Alabama coach Nick Saban said he never received an explanation about the simultaneous catch between cornerback Bradley Sylve and Auburn wide receiver Quan Bray, though he added he meant to call the league office about it. The 35-yard pass play during the third quarter of Saturday's Iron Bowl was ruled a catch in favor of Bray on the field and was upheld after a review, putting the Tigers at the Crimson Tide 21-yard line.

“I think it was probably a tough call,” Saban said. “I guess simultaneous possession goes to the offense. I guess the only argument you could make is Bradley (Sylve) caught the ball before the other guy caught the ball, and came down inbounds as did the other guy. So that would be the argument you would have to make.

“I don’t have a comment one way or the other. I think it was a tough call either way.”

According to former NFL vice president of officiating and current FOX Sports rules analyst Mike Pereira, the ruling was incorrect and Sylve should have been awarded an interception because his foot was the first to touch down inbounds after both players leaped into the air to make the catch.

“We were all kind of upset about that, but that’s the way it goes,” safety Nick Perry said. “Things happen. You just have to move on and get past it.”

Auburn kicked a field goal four plays later to go up by nine, but the disputed call turned out to have little effect because Alabama went on to win 55-44.

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