Last week, Alabama Public Television aired a new documentary on former Auburn and Alabama football coach, Pat Dye.

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The documentary, titled "Mighty: The Life and Legacy of Pat Dye," was produced by Jimmy Rane, an Alabama businessman and owner of Great Southern Wood. Rane spoke on Dye's legacy Thursday on "Inside the Locker Room" with hosts Wimp and Barry Sanderson.

"Most people just simply know him as a coach," said Rane, "But the most interesting thing to me about Pat was his cleverness. He would speak if he was not very smart or educated. And that's when you really really need to be careful cuz that's when he was setting you up!"

Rane emphasized the fact that Pat Dye was an academic all-American, in addition to being a football all-American. "That was one of the reasons I kept him on my board of directors," said Rane. "He helped us make some really great business moves and decisions, and contributed immensely to the success of Great Southern."

In producing the documentary, Jimmy Rane said he was able to see just how much Pat Dye influenced the people in his life. "The shocking thing to me was as we would interview these people [how they would react]...I've never seen as many grown men literally cry. Every single one of them."

"If you have the ability to drive a player," said Rane, "but then at the same time love him, you have created a bond and relationship that is stronger than anything that I have ever seen. And Pat had that ability."

Listen to the full interview with Jimmy Rane here:

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