Each week during college football season, Wimp Sanderson selects his Blue Plate Special.

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Although Wimp has a basketball background, he does hours of football research each week to make his prediction every Thursday. Here's the record of how Wimp did over the course of the 2023 season.

Week 1:

Washington took the win, 56-19.

Week 2:

Liberty got the victory over Mexico State, 33-17.

Week 3:

UNLV upset Vanderbilt with a 40-37 win.

Week 4:

Texas A&M beat up Auburn, 27-10.

Week 5:

No. 20 Mississippi won over No. 13 LSU, with a 55-49 victory.

Week 6:

Easy win for North Carolina, 40-7

Week 7:

North Carolina wins again, 41-31 over Miami.

Week 8:

Oklahoma won...but, a close game: 31-29, ending Wimp's streak.

Week 9

Coach Sanderson pulls away with a win this week! Final score 27-13, Auburn, which puts the season record at 6-3.

Week 10

Wimp's streak stayed true: 34-3, Louisville. Plus, Barry's "Dessert Plate" special, Utah (-11) vs Arizona State came out with a win, too!

Week 11

Arkansas dropped the ball bad with Auburn, losing 48-10. But Barry's dessert plate had him taking Georgia (-10.5) vs Ole Miss with a win.

Week 12:

Wimp had some trouble last week, but picked Georgia Tech who gave him a win, 31-22 over Syracuse. Barry's dessert plate of Georgia (-10) vs Tennessee, also resulted in victory.

Week 13:

Wimp won big with his pick for Oklahoma, 69-45. And Barry also found some victory with his Thanksgiving meal plates!
- Salad Plate: Texas (-12.5) vs Texas Tech
- Dessert Plate: Alabama (-14.5) vs Auburn

Week 14:

Wimp is gonna try to continue his win streak, with a pick for Texas. Meanwhile, Barry's dessert plate has him taking Iowa (+21.5) vs Michigan.

Stay tuned throughout the rest of the season!

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