It's a common thought in sports that you never want to be 'the guy that follows the guy.' You'll have more success being the person that follows that.

As it relates to college football, there's rarely a successor to a great coach that can live up to expectations and maintain the level of success as his predecessor. The next opportunity to prove this theory wrong will come in Norman, Oklahoma, where Lincoln Riley will take over for Bob Stoops this year.

Alabama fans have seen it first hand following the Bear Bryant era and will likely deal with it once again when Nick Saban moves on from the Crimson Tide. The standards that are set by these great coaches is incredibly difficult to maintain, and fans often lack the patience needed during the transition.

During Inside the Locker Room this week, Wimp and Barry Sanderson discussed this topic. As two former coaches, they understand the challenges and have an opinion on how to take those expectations on. Listen to the video above to hear them talk about it during the show.

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