Alabama quarterback Bryce Young has taken complete advantage of newly enacted NIL rules, maximizing his profitability in the modern age of college football. Head coach Nick Saban indicated during SEC Media Days Young is nearing a seven-figure payout for his various sponsorship deals, and his latest could be his most exciting.

Young announced earlier this month he is releasing a weekly podcast, co-hosted by Jake Crain of The JBoy Show, breaking down previous and future games and giving fans some insight into their new starting signal-caller.

Crimson Tide Photos / UA Athletics

On the inaugural episode, Young did just that, opening up on why he wanted to join the podcast space to begin with.

"The idea of a podcast came across for me and it was something that was really intriguing," Young said. "I think it's a good opportunity for me to potentially show another side of myself and express myself."

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Coming out of high school, Young was the consensus top quarterback in his class, earning one of the highest grades ever given out to the position by various recruiting outlets.

Elaborating on his choice of the Crimson Tide over nearly any school into the country, Young explained what separated Alabama, saying, "It definitely wasn't something I expected."

"Being a California kid and going out to the south was different. At first, it was kind of scary when I started looking into it as a recruit, but when I got to visit campus, I fell in love with it. I fell in love with the environment, with the facilities, with the coaching staff and with the culture."

Crimson Tide Photos / UA Athletics

After sitting behind Mac Jones for all of 2020, Young entered the 2021 offseason as the favorite to start, providing the sophomore quarterback with a new perspective on his preparation.

"Yeah, it was definitely a different approach when the offseason started. You know, you still have to prove to the team that you're worthy of being the guy, especially when we first started," Young said. "But as you get closer and closer to the season, it's really enjoyable to be in that role."

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Further getting into what his experience has been thus far at Alabama, Young discussed "the process" and just what it means within the Crimson Tide program.

"I think 'the process' is something that has been used in a lot of places and kind of mass-produced these days," Young said. "But I think it's a special process at Alabama and that's part of our culture. When you buy into that, you understand and start to see the growth you have as an individual and the growth as a team, and see it all come to fruition."

Concluding the episode, the duo briefly discussed the addition of Bill O'Brien to the Alabama coaching staff this offseason and what he has brought to the table. Young explained, "It's been a great opportunity to just learn. He brings a lot of expertise with him spending the time he did at the professional level, but the biggest thing is how easy he is to work with and how much collaboration and open communication there has been. It's been super easy and super fun to work with him."

The full episode of The Byrce Young Podcast can be found here.

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