There's a reason why Coach Paul "Bear" Bryant got a lot out of his players during the regular season, because the grind of the season started in the spring.

Alabama has become the standard of college football for throughout the history of the program, and that pro team mentality starts on March and carries over into the regular season. According to one former player, the regular season was a breeze compared to the grueling spring practices.

Former Alabama offensive lineman Bill Searcey played under Coach Bryant and he joined The Game with Ryan Fowler to discuss spring practice being the hardest part of the season under Coach Bear Bryant.

"When we did spring training, we had 20 days of practice, and that was 20 days in full pads, and that was 20 days of every drill was wide open full speed," Searcey said. "It was a time of fundamental, there was nothing fancy. Coach Bryant used to say 'noes to noes, jaw to jaw, and cheek to cheek.' Lots of blood flowing and lots of full speed scrimmages, so yes spring training was extremely hard."

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