John Cohen, the Mississippi State Athletic Director, joined Inside The Locker Room to discuss athletes returning to campus, some of his new hires this offseason and his time as a "Bama Bouncer." You can listen to the entire interview on Soundcloud or the Tide 100.9 Youtube page.

Cohen said the SEC held a long discussion about athletes returning to school on June 8. He said many factors were considered, the well being of the athletes primarily and said that the June 8 date was the best date for everyone.

Cohen outlined the process for the Bulldog athletes returning to Starkville.

"Our kids will be tested well before that June 8 model, and again we're still going through the process, we're still going through the protocol of exactly what tests; is it going to two tests? Is it going to be one test? How often are they going to be tested? Of course they'll be screened every single day before they do any activity whatsoever with temperature and several questions of each id. We're going to do it the right way and one of the great benefits of being part of the Southeastern Conference is you have group think. Everybody's going to contribute to this process and work together to make sure that you know we're going to be as safe as we possibly can," said Cohen.

Cohen discussed that he is hopeful to have a lot of people in the stands but is unsure about what the fall will look like. Cohen believes there will be significant strides in the medical field that will allow for fans to attend football games, he said it's his job to prepare for all the scenarios as they currently stand.

Mississippi State lost its women's basketball coach and Cohen spent some time highlighting the new hire Nikki McCray. At only 48-years old, McCray has won 17 championships in her career. Cohen expressed great confidence and excitement about its new hire.

The Bulldogs hired Mike Leach as its new football coach this offseason, Cohen discussed the great potential that Leach is attempting to unlock in Starkville. Leach has had a challenge getting the program started due to the COVID-19 pandemic but Cohen believes he'll bring excitement to the Bulldogs program.

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