No matter where Eddy Pineiro's team is on the field, it's in field goal range.

The University of Florida placekicker shared video of himself nailing an 81-year-old field goal while he was decked out in pads. Not bad for a guy whose career long is 54 yards.

That's a pretty sweet feat for his feet. Now, the doubters out there will say you see things like Lions kicker Matt Prater hitting from 76 yards (see below) and it's a different story if these amazing kicks happened in a game when you're bogged down with a helmet, the threat of an oncoming defense and thousands of screaming fans all combining to ruffle your feathers.

To those naysayers, we say, "Give us a break." Hitting an 81-year-old field goal is impressive, no matter when or where it occurs. A 600-foot home run would still be impressive if the ball was tossed in underhanded, right? Sure, it may be harder to pull off in an actual game, but have no illusions: Pineiro's accomplishment is pretty astonishing.

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